Learn How To Make These Cool Levi Denim Sandals Without Sewing

“It always seems so hard to toss out old jeans for some reason. While it’s the style now to have distressed/aged jeans, no one wants to wear truly old, ratty jeans that look like you’ve been wearing them since junior high. So, what can you do with those old jeans that need to be retired?

There are lots of ways you can repurpose your old denim, but Laniqua & Kaniqua show a way that you’ve probably never thought of before. These two women have a YouTube channel that covers everything from fashion and beauty to DIYs and skits.

In this video tutorial, Laniqua & Kani show you how to turn those old jeans and a pair of slides into cute sandals. You’ll never have to worry if someone is wearing the same shoes as you are – yours are completely unique.

● Old pair of denim jeans
● Pair of slide sandals (with wide strap)
● Tube of E6000 industrial adhesive

Begin by cutting off one of the legs of the jeans, right below the back pocket and turn the fabric inside out. Lay a sandal on top of the fabric and trace the outline of the sandal with a pencil. Cut out the shape you just drew. Once you do, if you turn the fabric with the right side up, you’ll see that you just made a right and left side with just the one cut.

Lay each of the trimmed fabrics into the footbed of the sandals and trim it up a bit, if needed. Apply glue to the back of the fabric and firmly apply it to the footbed of the sandal. Smooth it out and then let it dry for ten minutes.

Using the back waistband with the jean label, trim it to fit around the top strap of the sandal with a little extra to wrap around onto the bottom of the shoe. Apply glue to the back of the fabric and apply to the strap. Clamp on it on until it dried completely.

To cover the sides of the footbed, cut off the hems on the bottom of the legs of the jeans. Depending on the thickness of your sandals, you may need to leave some of the denim attached to wrap around onto the bottom of the sandal. Apply glue outside edges of the front of your sandal and firmly press the trimmed hem onto it. Hold it in place for about five minutes to let it start to dry.

There are so many ways you can customize this idea. You can use different colors of denim, jeans with appliques on them, or even just choose to embellish them yourself with grommets or other items. It will be so easy to personalize your denim sandals to fit your style and outfit.”

Learn How To Make These Cool Levi Denim Sandals Without Sewing