If You’re in A Life-Threatening Situation, These 8 Self-Defense Hacks May Save Your Life

“If you’re ever in a life-threatening situation, you can find some secret tricks in this video that may save your life.

If you ever find yourself in a room filled with smoke or a bad odor, you can take your bra off and use the cups of your bra as a mouthguard. This can even come in handle if you’re in a house fire and can’t breathe. Just take off your bra, place one cup inside the other, and place it up against your mouth, so you don’t breathe in smoke or fumes.

Your bra can also be used for another handy purpose. If you’re in handcuffs and need to get out, take the underwire out from inside your bra. You can use the end of the wire as a key to pick the lock on the cuffs. Another way you can do this is by using the stick end of a hair barrette. Just break it off, insert it into the lock, twist it and – voila, you’re free.

What if you’re out in the wilderness and need to make a fire? No matches? That’s okay. There are a couple of things you can try. If you have steel wool, a battery, and a cotton ball, you can start a fire. Touch the battery to the steel wool. You’ll get a spark. Then you can touch the cotton wool to the spark, and you’ll have a fire.

Another way you can make fire is by using a battery and a silver gum wrapper. Twist the gum wrapper into a thin strip. Attach to both ends of the cell. As soon as they touch, you’ll get a small flame. Use it to light a piece of paper so you can start the more significant fire you need to keep warm.

What if you have matches, but they’re wet or dead? Don’t worry. All you have to do is dip it into a bottle of nail polish. Wipe it off, and you’ll be surprised – your match is as good as new. A lot of people think that toothpaste does the trick. It doesn’t. They show us in the video that this is an old wives’ tale.

If your flashlight dies and you don’t have any extra batteries, you can try this trick. Wrap up a large piece of tinfoil into the shape of a battery and stick it into the end of the flashlight. You will get some power – it just won’t be as strong as a regular battery.

If you’re ever out camping or in some emergency, try out some of these tips. They may save your life!”

If You\'re in A Life-Threatening Situation, These 8 Self-Defense Hacks May Save Your Life