I Thought It Was A Normal Mansion – Until I Saw THIS In The Living Room! Can You Believe THAT?!

The video below features a breathtaking mansion that will leave your jaw hanging open. This 25,000-square-foot mansion is located just twenty-five minutes outside of New York City in Bergen County, New Jersey. It stands apart from the crowd not just for it stunning exterior, but for several other reasons. Wait till you see this.

This French manor house has Corinthian stone exterior and it is situated on 4 1/2 acres of land. It was inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France. A tour of the house discloses a Swarovski crystal chandelier, library, formal dining room, a tennis court, and a colossal closet. But those features are nothing compared to the gigantic built-in saltwater swimming pool inside the living room. The pool holds submerged seating for 40 people, and an infinity hot tub that spills over into it. And how the mansion is powered? Your jaw will drop.