How To Drill Holes Through Glass Bottles and Jars (In Under A Minute)

Drilling holes in glass is much easier than you think. Whether you’re drilling through thin glass, thick glass, mirrors, tiles, or any other glass surface, this technique gives you everything that you need to know to create a hole easily and safely. From wine bottles to mason jars, this method has you covered.

Glass drilling has never been more effortless. This talented craftsman starts off explaining how all that you need is the right bit, a piece of wood to create a template, and a cooling mechanism. It takes under sixty seconds to drill through something thick when you’re cooling the bit using a modified plastic bottle with water.

Once you’ve bought the appropriate bits and followed Chris Notap’s advice, you’ll cut through anything other than tempered glass. He even demonstrates how you can drill through ceramics like a coffee cup. Remember to follow good safety precautions and wear both gloves and glasses. It’s a quick and easy method to grasp that’ll open endless options for your crafts.