Grandma’s DIY No-Sew Face Mask Looks Like A Winner To Me

This grandma’s no-sew DIY face mask is a trending YouTube video for a reason. It’s straightforward enough for anyone to make, and it looks like a winner. Thanks to the numerous layers, there’s very little need for a filter, which makes this mask far safer than most while not needing any hard-to-find materials.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact items mentioned. If you’ve got a pipe cleaner or even the paper or plastic coated wire that comes with garbage bags or bread packets, use two of the wires instead. Otherwise, fold a pipe cleaner in half and insert it between the upper folds crossing the bridge of your nose. All you need to do then is press down on both sides of your nose to give a snug fit and better coverage.

Don’t forget to completely disassemble before washing and wearing. If you run this fantastic grandma’s no-sew DIY face mask through the wash without taking it apart first, you’ll bend the wire out of shape, and the rubber bands may melt in the dryer. It’s the easiest, most effective pattern for a face mask you could hope to find.

Grandma\'s DIY No-Sew Face Mask Looks Like A Winner To Me