Get Rid Of Muscle & Back Pain With This Easy DIY Bench Video

Skilled craftsman and DIY YouTuber Andrea Arzensek share a video tutorial on how to make the perfect bench for relieving your back and muscle pain.

Andrea Arzensek has released a number of reliable designs, but this DIY YouTuber’s muscle and back pain-relieving bench build is the best weekend-project ever. In under fifteen minutes, he shows you how to assemble it in your home workshop, step-by-step.

Building this bench couldn’t be easier. The joinery is not only exceptional but far easier than you’d think at first. From the material choice to the joint types, the whole bench is of a superb quality overall.

You’ll find Andrea’s guide extremely easy to follow while the end product leaves you a bench that works. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself using it to stretch more than once a day. Now that’s function carpentry.