Float your cares away in this tiny little house boat built for full-time living

Rooftop deck. Reading den. Kitchen. Some of the things you’ll find on this little house boat that will steal your heart by the end of the video.

Drop the anchor, because your heart might drift out to sea with this charming, fully liveable little house boat that has everything you would ever need on dry land.

The boat is essentially a big box which gives it a lot of stability on the surface of the water. That box design allows every single square foot to be put to use as either storage or function.

Privacy isn’t an issue, considering that when people see the boat they want a closer look. There are blinds in the windows that slide from both ends.

You would think that storage would be the biggest matter. Nearly every surface is outfitted with sliding drawers for everything from kitchen tools to books.

This boat represents true freedom to live wherever you please, and to do so in comfort. Caution: Watching this video will make you want to leave dry land and never look back.

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