Easy DIY cleaning of tarnish from silver materials

Homemade tips in making silverwares look brand new

We always thought that science has nothing to do with our daily household chores. Indeed, we are definitely wrong about that mindset.

If you carefully study your science lessons during your university days, you are sure way ahead of all the essential tips and tricks and all do-it-your own cleaning hacks that you can find online.

One example of that is cleaning your silver pieces at home. Yeah, everybody loves having these classy and elegant materials that could add beauty to your house.

This might sound as easy as washing your dishes. Unfortunately, you’ll only get to experience how hard it is to remove tarnish from silverware unless you’re in that exact cleaning situation.

Homemade tips in making silverwares look brand new

Now here comes the scientific solution to that messy household problem. It might sound crazy, but you don’t need any expensive cleaning materials or harmful chemicals that could harm your body.

You’ll basically need a solution that comes from the combination of baking soda, salt, and hot water. What’s even more fascinating is you also need the help of a roll of aluminum foil to make the magic trick happen.

Well, that’s just one of the many science tricks that you can find online. But the beauty of this video is it doesn’t require you to buy expensive stuff and complicated ingredients. Just essential home items will do.

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