Easy DIY Fabric Covered Pots Will Make Your Plants Pop

“The classic terra-cotta pot – they are everywhere. The nice thing about terra-cotta is that it is very cheap and as equally versatile. With a bit of time and creativity, these pots can be transformed from boring baked clay into eye-catching focal points.

You’ve seen these pots painted or stenciled before, but this is a different idea. Did you know you can cover them with fabric? This opens up so many possibilities, patterns, and colors. This tutorial video shows how you can decoupage terra cotta pot.

The nice thing about this DIY project is that you don’t need any expensive supplies. If you’re the kind of person that has scrap fabric lying around, you can just use what you have. Lightweight fabrics tend to work the best, but you can even go as far as using a thin denim, especially if it’s the stretchy type. Here’s what you’ll need:

● Terra Cotta Pots (any size works)
● Fabric Scraps
● Mod Podge with Matte Finish
● Scissors
● Foam Brush for Glue

Start by trimming your fabric to the size of your pot. To do this, wrap your fabric around the pot, making sure that you have about two extra inches on the side to overlap for a seam. Also, be sure to leave enough excess fabric at the top of the pot for a minimum of a two-inch overlap and at least an inch at the bottom.

Now cover the entire outside of the pot with a nice, thick layer of glue. Then place your fabric vertically on your pot and press it firmly in place. You don’t want bubbles or wrinkles.

Next, you will trim the fabric at the bottom of the pot, leaving about 3/4” of fabric all the way around the bottom. Since it’s a round surface, you’ll have to cut several slits or flats on the bottom fabric to allow it to be folded down. Snip down to about ¼” away from the bottom edge of the pot. Once you’ve done this, coat the bottom generously with your glue and fold the fabric down onto it. Use the same technique for the top of your pot as well.

All you have to do now is figure out how you’re going to use these cute pots. They make great gifts for friends, moms, and even teachers. You don’t have to strictly use them for flowers. Fill them with candy, succulents, or whatever else you can think of. Start pulling out those fabric scraps you have littered everywhere and make something cheerful and useful out of them.”

Easy DIY Fabric Covered Pots Will Make Your Plants Pop