Dark Mode Vs. Light Mode Battery Test Results May Surprise You

Ever wondered how much dark mode will affect your smartphone battery life? Phonebuff did the testing so you don’t have to.

Youtuber Phonebuff wanted to know if the rumors about battery savings with dark mode really were true, so he set up an experiment with two different iPhone 10sMax devices, one with dark mode on and one with light mode. He set up a set of robots to scroll through apps for him and recorded the results. It turns out on average dark mode can save you about 30% battery life. Impressive.

Said one viewer, “I wanted to see this video for a long time… ever since iOS introduced dark mode. Great work guys.” It really is impressive to see this sort of thorough manual testing in a side-by-side comparison. It gets even more interesting when you take into account that he’s using robots for this experiment. We truly are in the future, friends.