Couple Gives 100-Year-Old Farmhouse Living Room Refreshing Makeover for $300

One of the best things about owning your first home is the ability to customize it. You can go beyond a fresh coat of paint and truly make things your own. Elliot and Hannah did just that with a 100-year-old farmhouse.

The loving couple moved into Hannah’s parent’s empty farmhouse as a temporary living space. They had no intention of staying there long-term until they began renovating things. It started small, but they documented all of their projects.

Before they knew it, Elliot and Hannah had nearly 160,000 subscribers on Youtube from their renovation videos. They knew they must’ve been doing something right, so they decided to tackle their drab living room.

They did everything themselves, from ripping out the carpet to painting the walls. This saved the couple a ton of money. For only $300, they turned the living room from dull, 70s den to a fabulously modern entertainment space.