Couple converts their garage into an modern tiny house

Live in the garage and rent out the house. That’s the strategy this couple employed. Check out how comfortable the garage is.

Bryan and Jen Danger had a dilemma on their hands. They had come back from a year-long trip to South America after living out of a van. They needed back in their house they couldn’t afford. The tenant didn’t want to leave.

The two free spirits got their thinking caps on and decided to turn the garage into a house. After all, nobody else was using it.

The garage house has kept the industrial look you’d expect from a garage. But they were able to expand the aesthetic into something homey and comfortable.

The key ingredient has been making every bit of space transitional. The dining table has wheels. Unused spaces are outfitted for storage. Storage containers pull out to make stairs.

The transformation of the garage has had such an impact on the neighbors, that the couple decided to start their own business for renovating and designing small spaces.

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Couple converts their garage into an modern tiny house