A Mother Teach Her Son The Easiest Way To Tie Shoelaces Ever

Is your child battling to tie their laces? Here’s the easiest method out there for teaching your kids to tie their own shoelaces. Just moments after being taught the method, a keen young man proves how easy it is to imitate these simple instructions.

There are not many instructions that a kid can learn on their first try, but this is certainly one of them and one of the more useful teaching tricks. It takes a little more than two ties and a loop, followed by a quick thread and pull to finish off the perfect tie. You’ll be shocked by the simplicity.

The ‘Unstoppable Mother’ has come up with a way to tie shoelaces that anyone can learn in under a minute. After all, her own son not only knows how to do it after one try – he can teach others using the same instructions as well. Easy to remember and even easier to pull off, this is a must-know method.