You’ve Never Seen Determination Like This When Twin Baby Girls Fight Over Pacifier Rights

Sibling rivalry starts early as these twin baby sisters battle over a pacifier. Watching these two tots fight will brighten your day. Tears come quickly when you’re tiny, but disappear just as fast when you get your way.

The only thing that’s funnier than the to-and-fro between these little ones is the way that they take turns looking at their mother hopefully before taking action into their own hands, and mouths. It’s a good thing that they’re not running yet, or this could end up quite a dangerous game. Good luck, mom! There are hard days coming.

The way that these twin baby girls fight over a pacifier makes us wish that all conflict could appear that way. Alas, as we age and grow, so does our rage, so for now, take a look at these sisters to see how “fighting” should be. Taking turns is definitely not going to work for these two!