Young Mailman Is An Angel In Disguise For Seniors On His Ohio Route

Kyle West, also affectionately known as Mailman Kyle, is a United States Postal Service employee. Kyle became more than an essential employee in the hearts of many older adults on his route during these troubled times. The kind young mailman delivered supplies and groceries following a conversation with one of his customers.

“My favorite guy came out and asked me if I could please help him get toilet paper,” West recalled. “From then I realized that some people just can’t do it themselves.” West has many elderly customers on his route, and since the elderly are an at-risk group, he realized more people might need help.

He delivered over 400 letters to everyone on his route that read: “If you are at risk & need help getting essentials, let me know. I will do what I can to help.” He says that he heard from “almost all of them.”

The response surprised the compassionate young man. He understands that these people needed help because of the risk to their health, but he knows keenly that his conversations are the only in-person contact that some of his customers have received. Mailman Kyle is more than a mailman; he is an angel who delivers the post.