With the Help of Yoga, Hunched Over 85-Year-Old Grandma Has a New Lease on Life

For people who suffer scoliosis, life can be a painful experience. Mix that in with osteoporosis, and it becomes unbearable. This lady was able to improve her quality of life in a wonderful way, thanks to yoga.

Exercise has long been one of the first things doctors prescribe for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. For 86-year-old Anna Pesce, though, that was easier said than done.

Then Anna met Rachel Jesien, a Scoliosis Specialist who uses yoga therapy to assist her clients in managing pain and improving movement. Anna had been hunched over for decades due to her scoliosis, osteoporosis, and herniated disc; she was largely immobile and nearly wheelchair-bound.

Working with Rachel, it was only one month into yoga therapy when there was a noticeable difference for Anna. Watching her gentle exercises in the video is inspiring. Watching Anna stand tall at the end is priceless.