When This Couple Share Their Vows, It’s Impossible Not To Cry

This couple embodies everything that a healthy, happy relationship rooted in the gospel should be. Their dedication and love for each other showcases a powerful connection to not only each other but spirit as well.

The McCormick Home Ranch presents one of the most touching tales of love leading to a life shared every seen. Chloe and Sean epitomize what it means to have a relationship, marriage, and wedding securely rooted in the gospel.

From the words of dedication that these two shares to the journey told, teaching us all through testimony what it takes to lead a life this loving, this video is sure to inspire and move you.

The emotions are raw and real, and every part of the wedding was created in dedication to the highest power. There’s nothing that can compare to love like this, centered and thriving in goodness and God.


When This Couple Share Their Vows, It\'s Impossible Not To Cry