Weddings Guest’s Emotional Performance Brings Irish Groom to Tears

Getting married is an important day filled with little details; you have to find a stunning dress, a delicious (and pretty) cake, and beautiful flowers. But it is much more than that. You are pledging to stand by this one person for the rest of your life. These guests reminded this couple of that fact, through song.

Rachel and Shane McNally, an Irish couple, had planned out the perfect wedding. They didn’t know that one of their guests had a plan of her own. Hannah O’Brien, a friend of the couple’s, had been training friends and family to sing ‘Stand By Me’ during the ceremony.

She thoughtfully selected and worked with the wedding guests who had the most desirable singing voices. The number began with one friend singing, but then little by slow, other guests would join in one at a time. The groom, overcome with emotion, started crying when the bride’s father stood up and sang.

The choir of singers made their way to the front of the church eventually and lined up. They sounded wondrous as some harmonized, and some let their vocal talents loose. It was visibly a special moment for the couple to see several generations on the alter singing ‘Stand By Me.’