Two Excited Sisters Are Officially Adopted As Their Classmates Look On

After being rescued from an addiction-riddled home, six-year-old Selah and her baby sister Skye were placed into the foster care system of Texas in 2018. Luckily for them, they found their perfect home with their very first placement.

Suzanne and Colt Scott welcomed the two sisters into their home with open arms and soon found that they could never let them go. Between Selah’s wise spirit and Skye’s “firecracker” attitude, the two girls fit right in with the Scott’s other three children, Ryder, Sydney, and Jett.

With their adoption ceremony slated for just two years after their assimilation into the Scott family, Selah simply couldn’t contain her excitement, and before long her whole second-grade class was in the news. What Selah didn’t know was that they had a huge surprise up their sleeves.

With the help of her second-grade teacher Ms. Ramirez, Selah’s classmates and all their families made a point to be there to support Selah and Skye on their big day. As the court comes to order amidst all the cheering and support from friends, Selah can hardly contain her emotions, and we can’t blame her.