These Twins Playing With Their Pomeranian Have The Most Contagious Giggles. You Will Be Laughing Along With Them

There really is nothing happier than a baby’s laughter. No matter how much you try to stop yourself from laughing with them, their laugh is simply contagious. If you are ever in a bad mood, go and watch a baby video. It will surely lift your spirits.

The internet is filled with giggling babies, but this one right here might just take the cake. Wait till you see this cute video. This clip features a set of twins who just can’t stop laughing at their Pomeranian doing tricks.

The dog is in the makeshift playpen with the babies who are propped up against the side for the best views of their dog. When this dog owner showed him some treats, the dog jumped up to get them while still in the playpen. That’s all the incentive the babies needed to have a good time.

These little guys burst out laughing at the expense of the little dog, but the Pom doesn’t seem to mind it in the least! In fact, the dog doesn’t seem to notice the twins at all. He’s all about those treats. Those giggles will melt your heart.

These twins are laughing so hard they are crying. They seem too little to be able to laugh till they cry, but there is just something about this little dog that sends them into fits of laughter. Even mom is laughing at them while giving the dog the treats.