Toddler’s loving response after seeing his baby sister makes his mother cry

Toddler’s loving response after seeing his newborn baby sister

It can be quite tense when new family members meet each other for the first time, especially when they are both so young. Rowan was told that he was going to meet his baby sister today.

His parents weren’t quite sure how he would react. Rowan is a toddler, only slightly bigger than his newly born sister. But he already knows that he loves her with all his heart.

Before visiting his mother, Rowan takes the time to pick a small arrangement of flowers for his mom. He gives it to her later and she absolutely loves it.

Toddler’s loving response after seeing his newborn baby sister

When Rowan walks into the room with his father, his mother quickly picks him up from the floor. In a small glass box he spots a tiny sleeping figure, his sister.

On the hospital bed, they place him and his sister beside each other, and he is not sure what to do with her. His parents show him how to touch her gently, and he follows their lead.

Eventually, Rowan learns how to caress her softly, making sure she sleeps comfortably and soundly. When her pacifier falls out he even helps to put it back in her mouth.

Rowan’s mother and father couldn’t be happier in these moments. He is so excited to have a sister, and he can’t wait to spend more time with her.

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