The Better Your Manners, The Better Your Discount At Virginia Coffee Shop

A Coffee shop owner in Virginia decided to make the world a better place by getting people to use their manners when asking for coffee. He wanted people to realize that the person behind the counter needs to be treated with respect, so he came up with a brilliant idea.

He decided to give discounts on coffee according to the manners people used. The more polite you were, the more discount you would get. He then placed a notice board outside his shop which read; “One small coffee $5”, “One small coffee, please $3”, and “ Hello, I’d like one small coffee, please $1.75, and soon his board went viral.

He started noticing that many of his customers were coming in asking for coffee using their manners, and politeness. So the people who used the most manners had the price of their coffee reduced by $3.25! His strategy had worked amazingly! He was happy that people were using their manners, even if it was to get a cup of coffee.