Tears run as students chant USA for newly Americanized cafeteria worker

Students surprise the cafeteria manager with a gleeful cheer of “USA! USA!” as she passed her United States citizenship test.

After years of dedicated study, Yanet Lopez’s life changed as she passed her United States citizenship test and would finally become an American citizen.

At Deer Creek Prairie Vale Elementary School, the cafeteria worker was surprised by a round of applause from students at the school who stood around clapping and chanting “USA, USA.”

Yanet got her surprise on Tuesday around lunchtime. She got instructed to put her lunch on hold for a moment and report to Principal Michelle Anderson’s office.

When Lopez arrived in America, she first settled in Texas. When she got the job at the elementary school, she moved to Oklahoma and had lived there for three years.

Yanet, her husband, and their three children were all granted naturalized citizenship in the USA on the same day. Their children range in age from seventeen to twenty-eight years old.

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