Stranger Gives Homeless Man Life-Changing Gift

Every day, people want to get to work on time. They put up with backed up traffic, all the noise and the rush that everyone is in. Brian Smith would’ve given anything to have been a part of it. Thanks to a donated new suit and a boost in confidence, he’ll be back to work.

Everyone needs a break once in a while, right? I’m sure you can relate to the feeling when everything seems to be going wrong. And I’m not talking about that one day that everything goes wrong and then, next day you’re back on your feet. I’m talking about those times in your life when you feel you are the laughing stock of some superior being that is playing you like a puppet. That’s something that can really get a person down.

Brian was laid off and hadn’t been able to find another source of employment and started forfeiting his rent payments. Soon after that, he was homeless. He had slept in cars, friends’ sofas, or whatever he could get. Worst of all, he had lost all hope.

Despite everything, Brian was always still trying to move forward and find a job. While searching online for work, he came across an advertisement where homeless men could come and pick a suit, for free, to help them land a job. The suit wasn’t just material; it was an ego boost as well.

A gentleman in the video makes the point perfectly, “You can’t put a price on confidence.” And that was exactly what Brian needed again. Brian got the suit on Saturday, interviewed for a job on Monday, and on Tuesday, Brian had a job. Watch Brian’s story and have your faith in humanity rekindled.

Stranger Gives Homeless Man Life-Changing Gift