Six-Year-Old Sets Up Free Ice Cream “Van” With Family Truck In Kentucky

When six-year-old Clarke and his family realized that the neighborhood needed an ice cream truck, they immediately set up their very own system to deliver ice cream treats for free while maintaining a safe social distance.

Six-year-old Clarke Reynolds realized that his neighborhood had never ever had an ice cream truck. With everyone stuck inside, it immediately dawned upon Clarke and his family that they had an opportunity to raise spirits by creating their very own “proper” truck with ice-cream.

Clarke’s mother Kelly Reynolds explains that her son receives far more joy from giving than anything else, while their ice cream truck at the same time gives children all around the Kentucky neighborhood an event to brighten their day.

The whole family helps out to deliver ice cream for free to nearby kids and their families. The sign is hand-made, with Clarke helping out with every part of this business. Well, if you can, call it that. His grandad is happy to share that he is exchanging ice cream for smiles, not cash.

Six-Year-Old Sets Up Free Ice Cream \