Senior man didn’t have enough for groceries, Koger teen chips in

Koger teen helps senior man

Holmes High School senior and Kroger worker, Teo Jordan is proving that no act of kindness goes unnoticed in his community as he helped a man pay for his groceries.

18-year-old Teo works at the Kroger in Covington, Kentucky bagging groceries after school. The teen had been working there only for a few weeks as he is trying to earn enough money to buy a car.

While working the line, he saw that an elderly man was about to pay for his groceries, but he did not have enough money to take all the items home.

The total of the items had come up to a hundred dollars, and the elderly man had to make the devastating decision of telling the cashier that he would have to put some of the items back.

Koger teen helps senior man

This is when young Teo Jordan decided to step in. As he retells the story to WCPO 9, his only thought was that “I got $35 in my pocket, and I’m just gonna give it to him”.

In that moment, Teo’s generosity helped the elderly man pay for the groceries that he wanted. Even though the high schooler was not looking for praise through this act of kindness, it has been recognized.

Teo is a senior in Holmes High School and is planning to study marketing at the University of Kentucky. His mother, Stephanie, is proud that Teo has been listening to the teachings she has tried to instill.

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