Newborn baby brings brave Marine to tears

The lucky baby is oblivious to how much love and joy are on the faces of his mother and daddy.

A family prepares to welcome home a soldier from deployment in Afghanistan. A wife and baby in a stroller are accompanied by other family members.

The wife also carries a handmade sign saying “Outa My Way! I Meet My Daddy Today!” The family waits patiently as the soldiers are dismissed.

The soldiers are marching in formation as they approach the waiting area. When dismissed, the Marine breaks ranks and crosses the street towards his family.

The Marine’s expression becomes emotional as he gets closer to his wife. He hugs her, then cradles his newborn baby boy, crying tears of joy.

After greeting the rest of his family, the soldier shows great tenderness as he walks around with the baby and kisses his wife again, lovingly.

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Newborn baby brings brave Marine to tears