More than 80 babies have the same loving grandma

This is what mother’s love is! Linda Owens is almost 80 years old and has fostered as many infants in the last three decades.

There is a saying that a mother’s love is only doubled when it comes from a grandma. That’s what the case is with the amazing Linda Owens from California, who has been fostering infants for more than 34 years.

Linda takes up the challenging task of caring for newborn infants straight from the hospital, accepting them all. Abandoned babies, babies that experience developmental difficulties, babies that need love and acceptance in the demanding first chapter of their lives.

She has been tireless and loving for each one, her house full of all the equipment and toys a tiny baby would need, but above all, with her unconditional, indomitable love.

When babies experiencing issues can’t sleep through the night, she’s there to hold them and comfort them until they relax in the snug safety of her embrace.

Linda says that she has always had a gift of caring for babies, and she has answered the calling by caring for those who have nobody else until they find someone.

She has often parted with the babies when they find their adoptive parents, to whom she offers invaluable advice for a smooth transition to their new, loving home.

Linda Owens is a hero, and that’s how she was nominated for and won a Jefferson Award by the news channel KPIX, as a minimum of recognition for her precious contribution.

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More than 80 babies have the same loving grandma