Man walks 20 miles on first day of work, gets surprise gift from CEO

Walter Carr

Walter Carr, a young man from Birmingham, Alabama, recently hit the news for a good reason.

Walter Carr

Walter recently bagged a job at Bellhop’s Moving, a moving company in Pelham. However, his first trip to his new work was a horrible experience for the lad. The previous night his car broke down, forcing him to walk 20 miles to Bellhops.

He decided to walk the entire distance of 20 miles to reach Bellhops on time for his first day at work. At this point, Walter was pretty exhausted. He decided to take a breather and sat down.

Police Officer

The local police saw the boy sitting by the road and asked him why. When he told them the story, the cops got flabbergasted and rather impressed by his determination to get to his job on time.

Finally, when Walter reached his destination, the CEO of Bellhop’s Moving, Luke Markland, was waiting for him with a surprise. Luke gave Walter his car as a gift, saying that the car was in better hands with Walter than him.

Walter Carr

Luke was rather pleased by Walter’s determination to start his new job on time. In addition, he was pleased with the fact that Walter didn’t give up on them, didn’t back down, and showed them the true meaning of values.

Walter loves his job, and he got rather popular over time. Even the customers, whom Bellhop’s Moving helped move to a new location, were impressed by how Walter helped them with their moving process.

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