Man cries on call with father after achieving dream

‘Big Mike’ has tears in his eyes as he calls to tell his father: ‘I made it.’ He has just qualified for PGA.

More often than not, parents sacrifice everything for their children. They put their hopes and dreams on the line just so their children can fulfil theirs.

The Vasicki family is no different. Michael Vasicki has dreamed of becoming a professional golfer and going to the PGA Tour his entire life.

His family has bent over backward to accommodate his dreams. So, when he finally did achieve it, it was a moment to behold.

Michael Visacki, or ‘Big Mike’ stands tall over the ball. Calm, composed, and breathing carefully, he sinks a 20-foot putt.

As soon as he finishes, he breaks down in tears as people around him come over to congratulate him.

He immediately calls his dad and informs him of his achievement but he cannot get the words out without welling up.

‘I made it’, he says, reeling from the emotion of the moment as tears stream down his cheeks. His father, at a loss for words, delves into a stream of ‘Oh my God’ that repeats itself multiple times. It’s such an emotional moment between a hardworking son and his very proud father.

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Man cries on call with father after achieving dream