Lucky Man Finds Over $43,000 in Secondhand Couch

Thrifting is a great way to save money, help the environment, and find new treasures to call your own. Because his family was on a tight budget, Howard Kirby found himself shopping at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore when they needed a new couch.

Howard is an honest man that loves to spend time with his family at their home in Michigan. His friends describe him as a selfless, generous person, whom they adore. One stranger quickly found out just how kind Kirby could be.

After buying a $35 couch from the thrift store, he noticed something was wrong with one of the cushions. His daughter-in-law unzipped the cushion to inspect it only to find several wads of cash that totaled $43,170.

Even though he had every right to keep the money, Howard knew what he had to do. Kirby found the owner of the couch and returned every penny. After his community heard the incredible story, they started a fundraiser to give the Kirby’s some financial help.