Little brother with ‘Down Syndrome’ gets to make his big brother proud on the football field

Sometimes it is the small things that make a difference. When a kid with down syndrome wanted to play football, he got a little help from a caring community.

The rivalry between the Indians and the Hodags was temporarily put on hold for their surprise guest. When 8-year-old Gabe showed up, it was all about making him feel special. He is the younger brother of one of the players on the Hodags and suffers from down syndrome.

When the ball is snapped, Gabe put on the boosters and left the competition in the dust. His team pushed ahead, blocking as needed to clear him some space.

The wonderful thing about this moment was that the players all sold the action. Opposing dove towards Gabe and made sure to pull up short of the tackle. For young Gabe, it was a small gesture that made the entire play feel authentic.

Even the opposition crowd was in on it. They scream and cheered for the current play and egged on their own players.

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects millions. The understanding and care that strangers provide make life much easier for the sufferer. Gabe now has a memory for life and a big brother that will always be proud of him.