Incredible app helps grandpa reconnect with his deceased wife

App called Deep Nostalgia helps Jake Larson, a World War II veteran, to remember departed wife.

In 1991, Jake Larson lost his beloved wife of more than 50 years. His family refers to him as “Papa Jake,” a World War II veteran 98 years old.

For the first time in decades, he saw his lovely wife’s face coming alive thanks to Deep Nostalgia, an app made by MyHeritage.

Using this software, people can upload old pictures of their ancestors and watch them mysteriously “come to life.” It reminds me of the moving images in the “Harry Potter” films.

Papa Jake couldn’t believe his eyes when his granddaughter used the app to animate her late grandmother Lola’s portrait. “Holy smokes! She’s alive!”, he exclaimed.

Naturally, it was a bittersweet moment as he spoke about the love of his life. “This past November 23, we would have been married 75 years,” he added. “And I still love her.”

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