Identical Twins Delivered By Identical Twin Nurses

In a beautiful reflection of past events, twin nurses recently delivered a set of identical twins in the same hospital where they were born. Tori and Tara Howard were excited to get the chance to help the twins come into the world, knowing that these girls would always rely on each other.

Two twin nurses working in Athens, Georgia at Piedmont Athens Medical Center, got the chance to aid in the delivery of another set of identical twins. It was their first delivery together, and it coincidentally happened to be a set of twins, born in the same hospital they were born in 26 years before.

Tori and Tara Howard both worked in the Labor and Delivery department of the hospital. Tori was a labor and delivery nurse, and Tara worked in the neonatal ICU. This was the first time they were delivering a baby together after 5 years of nursing, and it just happened to be another set of identical girls.