Hospitals Around The Country Are Hiring Volunteers To Cuddle Babies

Hospitals around the country are looking for people willing to volunteer for an unusual position: Baby Cuddler. These brave people head into the neonatal ICU units at a hospital and spend time soothing babies. If this sounds like the perfect position for you, read on to find out how to apply.

Volunteering has become an extremely popular way to give back to your community. Volunteers are needed in many capacities, some more unusual than others. Hospitals, for instance, are looking for people to cuddle babies in their neonatal ICU units. These professional cuddlers spend time holding and soothing infants who need extra attention.

Eager to become a baby cuddler in your local hospital? The organization Serenity Children has a list where you can find hospitals looking to fill cuddling positions. Simply click on the list, read the requirements, and see which hospitals near you have a program that trains professional cuddlers. Then you too will be cooing at an infant who needs you.