Heartwarming Video of Healthcare Workers Receiving Free Groceries

Throughout the past several weeks, we’ve seen so many selfless individuals help those struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. The filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry decided to surprise healthcare workers with free groceries at the checkout.

Healthcare workers are some of the most hardworking and caring individuals. They’re on the front lines before and during the coronavirus, and they’ll be there after it’s over as well. They deserved this heartwarming experience that happened at Southeastern grocery stores.

Nurses and doctors were shocked by cashiers started telling them that their groceries were “on us.” Every time it happened, the selfless healthcare employees were moved to years. The video even shows some tear-jerking stories from some of these heroic individuals.

This isn’t something new from Tyler Perry. He’s known for being a very charitable person. Recently, he even let seniors and high-risk individuals shop for an hour, and everything was on the house. We need more kindness like this in the world.