Heartwarming Moment When Grandpa Bought School Bus for Ten Grandkids

When it comes to wholesome family members, we can’t think of anyone who fits that description better than grandparents. They’re loving, great baby sitters, and let’s not forget, always have snacks available.

One loving grandfather took things to the next level when he wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren. Doug Hayes purchased a small school bus and nicknamed it the “Grandfather Express.”

He surprised his ten grandchildren, and they couldn’t contain their excitement. Five of the little buggers go to a private Christian school, while the other five are too young to attend school quite yet.

Since the private school doesn’t have busses of its own, Hayes’ grandkids roll up in style. It’s a great way to have a little extra bonding time during an otherwise mundane commute. We think Doug is a genius and bet he gives the best grandpa hugs around.