He Wished For The Other Kid’s New Shoes Then Soon Regretted It

Jealousy is human nature. You may yell at me or beat me up and try to tell me that jealousy doesn’t run in your veins, I know you would be lying. There may be times when you see your friend’s luxurious new Audi, and you dream of snatching the keys right out of his hands. Or maybe get angry at a colleague for getting promoted before you.

There are lots of dissimilarities in our world and some get more than they deserve, while others get nothing at all. At one point in our life, we inevitably compare ourselves to someone else. And it is okay.

But you must believe in yourself and be just you. This video below shows us that it is better to be you and revel in what you got, instead of whining about the good fortunes of others.


He Wished For The Other Kid\'s New Shoes Then Soon Regretted It