Grandpa tears up when his young grandson travels 800 miles to surprise him

grandson surprises grandpa

The affection between a grandkid and their grandparents is a unique bond. After all, they are the ones who allow us to do everything our parents prohibit. They pamper us with love.

And while a grandchild will always feel at home with their grandparents, sometimes we don’t realize how much we mean to them as well. These sources of sweet and undying affection need us too.

In a heartwarming moment, we see how beautiful and how deep the love between a grandfather and his grandson is when they reunite for the first time in a long time.

grandson surprises grandpa

Erica Lusher traveled with her family to Port Orange, Florida, to surprise her parents at a local restaurant. Both sides of the family had been separated for quite some time.

But all this changed when they decided to travel 800 miles to surprise the grandparents. The astonishment is first received by the grandmother, who is left standing shocked in the middle of the restaurant.

The next target is the grandfather. In a funny turn of events, when he sees his daughter first, he has a face of ‘What are you doing here?’ However, upon looking down, his reaction changes.

The grandfather instantly turns to mush as he sees his grandson for the first time. They immediately embrace, reducing the grandpa to tears. The only thing he can say is a choking “Buddy.”

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