Grandmother cries at hearing she’ll move in with her grandson

Grandma Bobbe

Matthew Stewart has been building his new house for some time with his grandmother in mind, but she doesn’t know that. So, when they go along for a drive, she’s in for a big surprise.

In an Instagram video that has gone viral with over 100k views and 25k likes, Matthew and grandma Bobbe as he likes to call her, are seen driving up to a construction site.

The pair are sitting in the car in front of a house while Matthew casually points out that “your sitting room is going to be upfront right there” and that her bedroom is going to be in the back.

Grandma Bobbe

Grandma Bobbe is at a loss for words and is just pointing to the house asking if it’s going to be right then and there. Very overwhelmed she just says that she is happy that somebody wants her.

In a comical bit between grandmother and grandson, Matthew answers “Of course, we want you… I guess”. The internet famous grandmother just laughs and implies that she is packed and ready for their new house.

The Instagram page titled “GB and ME”, is filled with many videos of the duo and the grandmother being sassy towards each other. In another heartwarming video Mathew simply tells her that he loves her.

Overwhelmed by her grandson’s love, she tells him that she could not love him anymore and that he is like her own son. As they both start to get emotional, they end the video by repeating their love for each other. There truly is nothing like a grandmother’s love to brighten your day.

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