Internet Goes CRAZY For Grandma Busting Out The Moves Like No One Is Watching

I’ve heard about two things that happen to people’s personalities when they get older. The first is that they begin to blend in and take on new personality traits, so the introverted become a little more extroverted, and the extroverted become a little more introverted. The second thing that can happen with personalities when we age is that whatever we were like before only amplifies and gets more intense.

Well, this grandmother certainly falls into the latter group, and she must have been the life of the party her entire life. This funky and groovin’ grandma is ready to get down and dance like she’s the life of this party – a party of one – in the parking lot of a Waffle House.

That’s right, meeting her family for lunch, this grandma heard her favorite song come on the radio, and when she pulled into the parking lot, she just couldn’t stop the song; she just had to get up and dance it all out.

See why everyone is talking about this viral sensation, and why this grandma might just be in the running for ‘The Coolest Granny in America.’