Goodwill employee discovers $42,000 in donated sweater and returns it

This is one righteous person. In Oklahoma, a Goodwill employee finds $42,000 in a donated sweater and returns it without hesitation.

Living up to her company’s name, a Goodwill employee in Oklahoma demonstrated how honesty will always be the best policy.

Andrea Lessing believed she was carrying books wrapped in two old sweaters while going through donations at her Goodwill store in Norman. However, upon closer inspection, she discovered a large bundle of cash tucked inside.

Alessa believed the stacks of envelopes containing $100 bills were fakes at first. When she found out they weren’t, she was shocked to discover the bills totaled $42,000.

Donating is a part of human nature wherein people show their love and compassion to those who need it. Working in this industry requires honesty and integrity, especially in cases where some items are accidentally donated.

While it is normal to find money in donated goods, the employees reported that they had never seen anything of this magnitude before.

Alessa requested the manager to return the money to its rightful owner, as she is a firm believer in karma.

The honest employee and her organization were able to track down the cash’s legitimate owner by digging at documentation details related to the donators.

The owner, who preferred anonymity, gave Alessa a $1,000 reward for her excellent deeds after returning the money. This goes to show how karma works and how kindness is often returned.

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