Family Secretly Adopts Sweet Colombian Orphan After Sponsoring And Their Reunion Is Touching

When you don’t have a loving family of your own, life can be difficult – especially for young children. When 11-year-old Sebastian spends a month with a sponsor family in California, he would never expect what came just 3 weeks later.

Sebastian grew up in an orphanage in Columbia without any family to care for him. His orphanage sponsored a trip for him to visit and stay with the Barkey family in California, and both he and the Barkeys fell in love.

After spending a month together, Sebastian had to fly back to Columbia. Because the orphanage had strict adoption rules, the Barkeys were banned from telling Sebastian about their wishes to adopt him until the paperwork was completed. So, just 3 weeks later, the Barkey family flew out to Columbia and surprised Sebastian with news of his finalized adoption.

Now, Sebastian lives in California with his new parents and four siblings. This story teaches us to never take family for granted and to appreciate everything that life has to offer.