Driveway camera captures daily trespasser – so he comes up with a plan

No one ever expected someone to enhance a neighborhood sidewalk by adding a driveway surprise for them to enjoy.

A man looked at his security footage and realized that a boy on a bicycle detoured into his driveway whenever he went down the sidewalk.

Instead of being annoyed by the trespassing, the man chose to give the little boy a special surprise, a racetrack course for him to follow.

Using chalk, he drew a winding bike course and added signs like “Slow” and “For the Win”. He even improved it by adding fluorescent highlights.

All the neighbors liked the racetrack. Moms with baby strollers, teenagers, and other children enjoyed the challenge of riding around and around the chalk pathway.

When the rain washed the track away, the man found the boy had brought his own chalk to recreate it. Good neighbors support each other.

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