Down Syndrome students repay their teachers kindness with an unforgettable wedding day gesture

A groom managed to keep one of the biggest wedding secrets of all time. When his bride’s students showed up, she didn’t know what to say.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects millions. Since there is no cure for it, parents and their affected children push for awareness and education. The kindness of understanding goes a long way when you have a teacher that knows how to work with the kids.

On a very special wedding day, a teacher saw her hard work repaid during the ceremony. As both the bride and groom turned to receive their wings, her special needs students entered the room as the surprise ring bearers.

The groom grinned knowing he kept the biggest surprise of the night to himself. Everything was well coordinated, right down to the last two kids in a radio-controlled car. They were having the time of their lives but also understood the importance of the moment.

Once they handed over the rings, it was hug city. Heartwarming doesn’t begin to describe this moment, as only videos can do it real justice.

Parents that have special needs children have to deal with incredible responsibility. Sometimes it’s hard, and some days it borders on the impossible. Having someone willing to share that burden is important, and the main reason these kids were happy to return the favor.