Cuddling On the Couch, Little Girl Tells Her Cat a Bedtime Story. He Understands Every Word Purrfectly

It’s just too good for you to pass up.   Watch this darling young girl read her pleasingly plump feline a bedtime story

They say dogs are man’s best friend but you just might disagree when you watch towheaded preschooler Abby reading her cat Bailey to sleep on the plush living room sofa.

What makes it even cuter is that this adorable tot is clearly reading a huge novel fit for a grownup—and making up the story as she goes along, reciting just a sentence or two on each page.

She runs her hand down the margin as though she is concentrating on every word. Surely she is mimicking her well-read mom or dad, but it’s adorable. They must be awfully proud to know they’re such terrific role models.

The cute orange and white kitty could care less that it isn’t Faulkner. He loves the attention and her soothing voice, which has him in a state of pure, purring bliss.

Watch as he gets cozier and cozier, sinking further into the crook of her arm as she cradles him, his dazed eyes half open.  He’s about to take one heck of a power nap.

Abby and Bailey are close friends and she can’t bear to part with him, so when it came time for bed she decided to read him a bedtime story all by herself. We’re lucky a family member decided to grab a smartphone and record this precious moment.

The video has gone viral and even garnered international press attention. One look at you’ll see why. Bailey is completely enchanted by Anna’s sweet voice, and who can blame him?

The thousands of viewer comments attest to Anna and Bailey becoming an internet sensation. “She is developing her empathy skills, nurturing skills, creativity, imagination, language skills and reading skills,” wrote one moved viewer, “even if she isn’t really reading.  Kids learn by mimicking, she’s priming up those reading muscles.” “That is paw-sitively the most adorable video,” said another adoring fan.

“Look how much he loves her to keep sitting like that with sheer bliss on his face.”

“Both are soooo adorable. You can tell the cat is loving it, too,”
commented yet another fan,  “cuddling up to her! This is a beautiful thing to see!” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.  Anna and Bailey are sure to make your day. Tap the video below, smile, and share it with your loved ones.  Sweet dreams!

Cuddling On the Couch, Little Girl Tells Her Cat a Bedtime Story. He Understands Every Word Purrfectly