Loving Mama Cat and Her Kittens Adopt Tiny Orphan Puppy

When he grows up, I hope that cute puppy protects his mommy and siblings from any mean dogs that chase them.

Life can be rough sometimes, but this puppy proves that even at the hardest times, there’s always a spark of hope around every corner.

Not many people know that in nature, animal mothers sometimes reject one of their offspring to ensure the survival of the rest. I know it’s very sad but it’s true, and just like that, this poor puppy was abandoned by his mother the day he was born.

Oh but not everything is bad in this story because, in a very lucky turn of events, a cat mom gave birth to three beautiful and healthy kittens, a dream come true for any soon-to-be parent, isn’t it?

This new mother has her hormones through the roof after her pregnancy, in addition, her instincts to protect these helpless babies at their strongest, so naturally, she doesn’t think twice and takes this lonely puppy it to her crib.

Don’t you ever think animals have no heart! This cat mother shows an example of true love and compassion for those less fortunate.

It looks like our little underdog won the lottery, a happy ending! But not so fast, life is just starting for this little pup, and he has to meet his new siblings, but most importantly, they have to learn to live with each other.

Meanwhile, our cat mom is completely unaware of all the tension between the children, her mind is focused on taking care of them, all equally, moreover, she must be exhausted after having all those kittens, this mom truly is a fighter.

At second 0:36, it is feeding time, and mom gathers the kids, however, they struggle their way to mommy since their mostly blind, they meow desperately in a call for help.

Mom has a big role at this moment, she guides and protects the babies from wandering too far, and on the other hand, she nurtures them by purring, making them calm down and feel safe.

Things are looking good now, but cats and dogs have very different traits, how are these kittens going to react to their weird brother? Will they get along or will they fight over mom’s attention?

Viewers were delighted by this scene, one said “Wish all the people were this nice. Thanks to those guys who do good deeds in your everyday lives”, that’s one true remark.

People were quite impressed with this animal family, one fan said: “The mom must be thinking one of these kittens looks strange”.

By the way, ‘Doctor Who’ fans might recognize a familiar voice narrating the video. That’s David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor. It’s no surprise he’s an animal lover, is there?

This video is a real challenge for the soft-hearted, do you think you can resist this cute scene? What do you think of this adorable cat mother? Do you believe dogs and cats can get along? Go watch the video and let people know what you think.

Loving Mama Cat and Her Kittens Adopt Tiny Orphan Puppy