Bride and Groom Surprised by a Flash Mob – Catholic Style in Middle of Their Ceremony

The wedding day is probably one of the most incredible days in a couple’s journey together. They meet, fall in love, get engaged, and finally, the wedding. The venue has been scheduled, the flowers have been ordered, and linens, food, and cake are waiting in the reception area.

The bride has been with her best friends all day getting ready while her husband is told to stay out of the way until the moment is at hand. She walks down the aisle with all eyes on her, and his eyes are fixed on hers.

They come together, the wedding is performed, and everyone cries. The new couple gets to party down with everyone for the night. That’s how it usually happens. And this is what this couple seems to have planned right down to the last detail.

So, when a voice shouts from the back during the ceremony, you might think we are headed for a disaster, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, it’s a wedding flash mob of family and friends that entertains the couple with a beautiful version of “How Great Thou Art.” As more and more people join in the memory becomes all the more moving!