Boy With Autism Grows Up To Write Books For Kids Just Like Him

Children’s author Kerry Magro writes books for children on the Autism spectrum. He himself is on the spectrum and pulls much of his inspiration from his experiences struggling with his diagnosis as a child. Now he’s a successful author with a message: you can succeed, you are not alone, and you can do anything.

Kerry Magro is a living example of how kids can lead successful lives while on the Autism spectrum. Kerry did not speak until almost the age of 3 and was diagnosed as being on the spectrum at age 4. School was a constant challenge for him, and his mother stood by his side through all of the difficulties Kerry faced.

But with his mother’s support, Kerry was able to grow up to be a successful author. He has penned a children’s book whose main characters are a brother and sister who are on the spectrum. He wants kids to have role models that they can identify with, and have books that feature kids going through the same struggles they are.