Best Man’s Deployment Pushed Back, Giving Bride & Groom Best Surprise Ever

Steven and Lauren Marec had everything turn out in their favor except for one thing – their best man AJ, Anthony White, had been deployed just two months before the big day and wouldn’t be able to make it.

Steve and Lauren Marec decided to skip having the best man seeing that AJ was missing having been deployed. Just two days before the wedding, AJ’s deployment was pushed back, and he kept it all a secret to arrive by surprise as the best wedding crasher ever.

In full military uniform, AJ arrived by surprise at the wedding itself to take his place as the best man. The family was overjoyed – after all, literally, everything worked out perfectly.

This heartwarming story shows that sometimes things are just right, even if they don’t appear so at first. The most special surprises are the ones that are inevitable, and this friend sure shows us all how to care while taking full advantage of epic timing.